You have the right to choose! Under the Federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act ("RESPA"), you are not  required to buy title insurance from a particular title company. The lender and/or the real estate agent may request that you use a title company it finds acceptable, and likely it will recommend some companies. In the end, the Lender and/or real estate agent will agree to your selection.  

Why you should choose Guaranty Abstract Company!

Over 80 years in business - Reputation in the community

    Title Companies and Closing agents are not all alike. Title insurance rates and closing fees vary from company to company, but you may not be aware of the difference in service you will receive from one company to the next. We pride ourselves in DEDICATED TO QUALITY of service. Our experienced, friendly staff returns phone calls promptly, explains details in everyday understandable language, is knowledgeable and acts in a professional, courteous manner.


    Our staff is about preparation, service and anticipating your needs before and long after the closing. Making the right choice on service is a major component of Value and can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Price is Important, Value is more Important!


    We have the ability to receive and deliver documents. We are set up to receive lenders "digitally delivered documents" quickly and efficiently. It's critical to be able to receive last minute changes, corrections and additions to your loan documents. We get instantaneous notifications on the arrival of funds. Things sometimes move fast at closings. Access to funds and documentation can mean the difference between closing and not closing. It can cost money! Again, it's all about value!


    We are able to comply with the terms and conditions of your contract and provide a secure and confidential environment. We have handled various types of transactions. We have good working relationships with lenders and understanding their loan documents. We have experience in handling possible title problems and with our selection of underwriters, the capability of paying any claims. Choosing our company to handle your sale can mean the difference between a smooth rapid closing or a complicated, delayed closing, fraught with anguish and extra cost. Once Again, this is part of Value.

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